BCD (Better Care Delivered) is a community based organisation based in South West Sydney that delivers supports services both in and out of home for people with disability and in aged care.  The organisation has serviced the community for over 20 years.

After the merge with another local NDIS provider, it was imperative that BCD rebranded itself and built a strong community profile to promote its services.  Yomconnect assisted with the development of the brand and website, and also produced a social media strategy that not only aligned with the brand, but was easy to implement knowing that the team had limited marketing resources to support.

A paid social media campaign was developed within budget to raise awareness of BCD’s services and present what they do in a welcoming and friendly manner.  Support services in this space have a high level of sensitivity and the creatives were centred around the emotional attachment that BCD’s customers have with their home and their community.

The campaign utilised video and Meta/Instagram singles and carousels to raise brand awareness and to drive leads back to BCD for potential customers.  In addition, organic posts were also amplified to increase audience exposure.  Due the sensitivity around BCD’s clients, a decision was made in this instance to utilise stock imagery but add a unique twist to it with the animations across the video.  The campaign helped to establish awareness of BCD in its intended audience and to build a foundation for campaigns moving forward.